Google algorithms are so precise, few people have to click past the first page of results to find the web page they need. A company that’s site shows up on the second or third page when potential customers search for their products or services, therefore, is not going to get much organic traffic from Google. Of course, there are other marketing strategies that can draw in clients, but none of them are as effective or inexpensive as search engine optimization.

SEO involves making changes to a website in order to increase its ranking on Google, the most popular search engine by far. Ideally, the Website Designer will implement these features into the site at the time it is created. However, companies that do their own design or work with an inexpensive designer who doesn’t know much about optimization might need to make adjustments after the site is live.

When hiring an SEO Marketing Consultant, its important to look for someone who doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to Search Engine Optimization. Each business has unique needs and the best consultants take the time to listen to the company’s goals before making any recommendations about the website. After learning about the company, the consultant should find ways to help the site rise in organic rankings.

By adding content, interacting with the audience on social media and earning links from industry leaders, a business can move from an invisible position on the second or third page of results to one where potential customers will notice it. Although the company may be in business only to make a profit, it’s important to provide information potential customers can use. Many companies achieve this through blogging on their own site. Some write or purchase articles written for them and use them as guest posts on other company’s blogs. Either way is effective at improving the company’s search engine ranking.

Once the website is optimized and marketing strategies are put in place to help get a website at or near the top of the Google rankings in their industry, it’s important to have a way to track and analyze the results. A good consultant will be able to provide these reports and change course if the data doesn’t show favorable results. Web optimization is a process and it can take some time to gain favor with Google. With patients and an experienced consultant, online business owners should see a change in the number of visitors who arrive at their site through a search engine.